Artkeys 01 Winners

First prize / Serena Gamba (Italy)

Residence / Jacopo Dimastrogiovanni (Italy)

Illustration and Graphic Design

First prize / Enikő Kramcsák (Hungary)

Residence / Helena Gamos (Spain)

Sculpture and Installation

First prize / Michi Grass (Austria)

Residence / Luca Poncetta (Italy)

Residence / Karin Yamamoto (Japan)


First prize / Erminia Riccio (Italy)

Residence / Ianua (Italy)

Photographic Art

First prize ex – aequo / Oriana Majoli (Italy) – Ramona Zordini (Italy)

Residence / Elide Cataldo (Italy)

Street and Urban Art

First prize / La180 (Italy)

Residence / Edoardo Ongarato (Italy)