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Slide ANTONELLO SILVERINI Artist, illustrator The first illustrator honoured with MAM Prize – Master of Arts and Crafts 2016, since 2011 he has been one of the leading illustrators of “La Lettura”, the Corriere della Sera’s cultural supplement. Moreover, he currently collaborates with Il Sole 24, Repubblica, Panorama, L’Espresso, The Boston Globe, Mondadori, E-il Mensile/Emergency, Geo, Courmayeur Noir in Festival, Viareggio Film Festival,De Agostini Editore, il Manifesto, XL-Extralarge, Nessuno Tocchi Caino, Carthusia, ACLU Magazine, Fairwood Press, Lehigh University, Stanford University, Vanderbilt University, DeltaSky Magazine, Sensito Films (France), Eksmo (Russia). He designed both the book covers of Ian McEwan’s novels, publisher Einaudi, and the ones of Philip K. Dick’s novels, publisher Fanucci. In 2012 he created the illustration for the poster of International Rome Film Fest and also collaborated in the realization of its animated spot. His movie poster of “Ophelia”, a short movie by Annarita Zambrano in competition for the Golden Palm, was on display at the 66° Cannes Film Festival. Some time later, Silverini’s artwork was chosen by Ascanio Celestini in order to represent the poster of his movie “Viva la sposa” which, in 2015, was presented at the Venice International Film Festival. In 2018, Silverini created the illustrations for the three volumes of anthology “Vivere la Letteratura” with publisher Zanichelli. In 2019, he was the author of image for Sedicicorto International Film Festival. In 2017, the professor Carmelo Occhipinti dedicated to him the volume “Antonello Silverini.Quello che si vede” included in the collection Horti Hesperidum.Monografie which was published under the patronage of the Department of Art, Humanities and Philosophy of “Tor Vergata” University of Rome. Furthermore, many personal exhibitions have been dedicated to him: in Rome (Galleria Rosso20sette Arte Contemporanea), Monza (Villa Reale), Forlì (Sacro Monte di Pietà), Venice (Venice Design Art Gallery), Padua (Illustrabilia ’08). He is lecturer of Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. A

Slide ALFONSO AMENDOLA Professor of Sociology of electronic Arts Associate professor of Sociology of Cultural Processes and Sociology of Electronic Arts at the University of Salerno where he is also the Rector’s Delegate for the “Radio d’Ateneo” and co-director of “Media Cultura Società” International Studies Centre. In addition, among his several activities, he is Editorial Consultant, project-manager of artistic events and columnist for the daily newspaper “Il Mattino”.
His search path treads on the field of contemporary culture and society between mass consumption, forms of avant-garde and digital innovation (Amendola, as a curator, published various works, monographs and numerous scientific essays on these topics).

Artists, performer Flavia Mastrella and Antonio Rezza work on involuntary communication. Since 1987 they have created thirteen plays (such as Pitecus, Io, Fotofinish, Bahamuth,7-14-21-28, Doppia Identità, Fratto_X and Anelante) five full-length movies (notably Escoriandoli which, in 1996, was presented at the Venice International Film Festival, Delitto sul Po and Milano Via Padova) and an endless series of medium and short length movies. In 1991 Barba e cravatta was shown at the Avignon Festival. Moreover, Flavia Mastrella also works with sculpture, photography, video-sculpture. She exhibited at GAM, Mambo and PAN, whereas Antonio Rezza, focused on literature, wrote novels published by Bompiani (Feronia Prize 2008 for “Credo in un solo oblio”). Between 1996 and 1998 they collaborated with Tele+ as the creators of the television show Critico e Critici. For RAI 3, in 2000 they created the programme Troppolitani. In 2008 they won the Alinovi Prize – “For the convergence of the arts” and released their first anthology of black and white films titled Democratic Optimism, published by Kiwido. In 2010, Rezza and Mastrella introduced, in Madrid and in Palencia, Pitecus in Spanish and carried out some performative actions together with the rock band Afterhours. In 2011, 7-14-21-28 was shown at the Théatre de la Ville of Paris and , in 2013, at Theatre Na Strastnom Center of Moscow. In 2012, published by Barbès, it was released the book “La noia incarnita” – the theater involuntary Flavia Mastrella and Antonio Rezza. In 2013 they were honoured with Prix Hystrio-Other Muse and the Special Prize in 2013 UBU. In 2014, the book “Clamori al vento” – Clamori al vento. L’arte, la vita, i miracoli came out, published by Il Saggiatore. In 2016, they were awarded with the Napoli Prize and, in the same year, Pitecus was presented at the theatre la Mama of New York. In 2017 they received at Montecitorio the Certificate of Uniqueness in Culture and the Ermete Novelli Prize. In 2018, they were the recipients of the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement assigned by La Biennale di Venezia and in the same year, for the channel RAI 3, they realized the television programme “La tegola e il caso”. In the following year, La Milanesiana honoured them with the Golden Rose Prize. For several years they have been collaborating with TSI La Fabbrica dell’Attore Teatro Vascello and with Teatro Piemonte Europa.

Slide BEATRICE LUZI Art historian, Curator and Art critic Specialized in Historical and Artistic Studies, after an academic education, she explores the photography, including the diagnostic imaging. She worked as an art historian with institutions such as the Archivio Storico Capitolino and the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. She is a member of ICOM and an Art Experts of European Union. She is currently a Court expert witness and consultant for the Chamber of Commerce of Rome also. Furthermore, for what concerns curatorial and educational activities, she is collaborating with the Art G.A.P. Gallery, an active centre of artistic and cultural promotion in the heart of Trastevere. B

Slide ANTONIO GRIMALDI Artist, performer Since the beginning of adolescence and for the entire period of his adulthood, as an artist, Grimaldi has built himself with unconventional education, training with some of the greatest exponents of contemporary drama in Italy as well as abroad, such as Emma Dante, Luca Ronconi, Danio Manfredini, Michele Monetta, Davide Iodice, Yves Lebreton, Judith Malina and many others, and also working as an actor with some of them. His research is oriented toward expressive forms that affect the disassembly of narrative plots in favour of an energetic communication of bodies on the scene. Grimaldi involves in his works both professional actors and common people by combining different varieties of humankind and staging life itself into its social dimension. Some of his works: Harold (2011), Nel nome del padre (2011), Pinocchio legge Amleto (2012), Esercito d’amore (2012), Attesa (2012). Between 2014 and 2015, the director with his theatre company took part to the Notte Pasolini project of the University of Salerno with the creation of two performances Vietato PornoAmen and Davanti agli occhi written by Elio Goka. Moreover, Grimaldello Theatre curated the organization of the events Tra sagra e profano (2012) and Centrale dell’arte (2013 e 2014). A

Slide BARBARA BALDI Illustrator Barbara Baldi, famous illustrator and colourist, has realized several publications for the Italian, American and French market, like the ones of Sky Doll and Monster Allergy.
She alternates her activity in the publishing world to the cinema, her other great passion. For the Rainbow CGI, she works as a colour key artist for the movie“Winx2”.
In addition, as an illustrator and colourist, she is currently working for different publishers such as Pixar, Disney, Marvel, Eli Edizioni, De Agostini and many more.
Lucenera is her first graphic novel which it is already considered a masterpiece. For the work mentioned above, in 2018, Baldi won the Micheluzzi Prize and Gran Giunigi Prize as the best illustrator.

Slide NUVOLA LISTA Artist, curator MMMAC Museum Nuvola Lista was born in 1975 in Salerno. Since 1993 she has organized exhibitions of contemporary art and in general cultural events, as the curator of the MMMAC (“Materiali Minimi d’Arte Contemporanea” Museum).
She curates, together with the critic Gillo Dorfles, the exhibitions of several famous artists: Mimmo Paladino, Lucio Del Pezzo, Guido Crepax, Marco Lodola, Lisa Ponti, Arnaldo Pomodoro and Carol Rama.
Thanks to an agreement with the Archaeological park, in order to enhance and promote the territory, she has recently curated the installation of the sculpture “Cavallo di Sabbia” by the author Mimmo Paladino, positioned between the Templi. Paladino’s artwork has quickly became the icon of contemporary art of Paestum.

Slide CRISTINA PORTOLANO Cartoonist, illustrator Cristina Portolano was born in Naples in 1986. After Arts High School, she moved to Bologna for studying at the Academy of Fine Arts that she attended from 2006 to 2012 including a gap year in Paris at the EnsAD. Her comic books are: "Quasi Signorina" (Topipittori, 2016) reprinted In Italy and translated into English, “Non so chi sei" (Rizzoli Lizard, 2017) translated in Spain and in France, "Io sono mare" (Canicola, 2018) translated into Spanish and Swedish, "Francis Bacon la violenza di una rosa" (Centauria, 2019) published in Italy and in France. Her latest comic strip is included in the book “Cinque” which contains interpretations into comics of some of Giovanni Truppi’s songs. She created drawings and illustrations for both the books titled “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” published by Mondadori, in Italy, and other illustrations and comics with Feltrinelli comics, Loescher, Il Messaggero, Linus, Edizioni EL, ARTribune, Il Sole 24 ORE, La Lettura (Corriere della Sera’s insert), Lo straniero, Illustratore Italiano, Hamelin, Soccer Illustrated, Illywords, Napoli Monitor and numerous collective of self-publishing. She currently collaborates with the portal FREEDA and Internazionale Kids. She teaches illustration at the IAAD of Bologna. C

Slide PASQUALE RUOCCO Art historian Born in Thiene (Vi) in 1982, Pasquale Ruocco lived and grew up in Ravello, a town on the Amalfitan Coast.
He attended the faculty of Conservation of Cultural Heritage at the “Suor Orsola Benincasa” University of Naples and also the faculty of History of Art at the University of Siena where, in 2015, he obtained the post-degree Specialization in Historical and Artistic Heritage.
Ruocco set up several exhibitions dedicated in particular to emerging artists of Campania, such as: “La Défense. Priorità del tempo, necessità dello spazio” (2009); “Sguardi irrequieti. Nuove tracce del contemporaneo” (2009); “Mascherata. 6 Ceramisti emergenti” (2010), “InterRail – Un viaggio nell'immagine” (2012) “Green Dreams” (2012). Between 2010 and 2011, he supervised the art exhibition “Aperto” in Minori (Sa). He collaborated in the realization of the first edition of “Paleocontemporanea” (2014) and coordinated the first edition of “Arte e Linguaggi” sponsored by Premio Napoli (2015). He currently collaborates with the F.R.A.C. Museum of Baronissi (Sa).

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