The Artkeys Box is a wearable and silk-screened box that contains the catalog of the Artkeys Award.

The Arkeys Box 01, silk-screened by Mr. Milk, contains in addition to the catalog, a series of gadgets and only for the first 150 copies the print on Fedrigoni paper numbered by hand and made by PrintLitoArt, dedicated to Walter Molli.

It is still possible to book one of the latest copies of the Artkeys 01 catalog by writing to the email address

Artkeys Box 02 will be illustrated by Chiara Bertolin, winner of the contest “Disegna il Box Artkeys”.

“Discover the World. You have the key.”

For this illustration the artist wants to take the name ArtKeys by focusing on the concept of the key as a tool that allows you to open new dimensions.
It represents what you see observing through the keyhole: a new world, which smacks of the unknown and of adventure, a visionary and dreamy dimension. You can recognize the sections of the competition that live in an apparently unattainable space. Each of us can cross the threshold and enter art, the key to opening the door is our desire for knowledge, research, to broaden cultural horizons and welcome new points of view. This is the message she wanted to propose as a cover of the box: leafing through the catalog is entering this new dimension.

Slide ARTKEYSBOX FINALISTS I 15 Illustratori finalisti del contest Disegna il Box Artkeys che esporranno la propria illustrazione durante la prossima edizione del Premio. Valeria Andreis Storia Liquida Blu Valeria Andreis Storia Liquida Valeria Andreis Lost in restoration Bianca Maria Scrugli Natura Camilla Turco Cassiopea Chiara Savarese La mia piccola Venere Chiara Savarese Senza Titolo Chiara Savarese Narciso e la farfalla Federica Caso L'amo Flavia De Francisci Pensiero proibito Flavia De Francisci Magnolia Giovanna Alfeo Cubes Giovanna Alfeo Union Point Helena Gamos Bambino con Vaso Helena Gamos Conferenza di linee curve Helena Gamos Polpo d'avorio Mariaceleste Arena Senza Titolo La180 Graham Greene Michele Moraca Tie Michele Moraca Look Michele Moraca Exit Nadia Cristofaro Wow Nadia Cristofaro I See Nadia Cristofaro I Wish Andrea Sardanelli Smart Dragon Don't Fly Angelo Franco Goldarte

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