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The competition is open to contemporary artists of all ages and nationalities, with no thematic restrictions. The basic selection standards will be exclusively quality, planning ability, research, originality and modernity of the proposed work. The sections are shown below:

1. Painting

All the works with no restrictions in subjects and techniques are allowed (including oil, tempera, acrylic, watercolour, ink, graphite, vinyl, etc.); collage works and/or the ones which include polymeric applications on any layer and modular works, as long as they are in line with the reference section, are accepted too. The maximum allowed dimension for each side of the work is 150 cm. The works must be already equipped with hangers or, if they have a frame, the overall size must not exceed the specified limits. The themes are at the complete discretion of the artist.

2. Sculpture and Installation

All the techniques, from the most traditional to the less conventional, and the use of all kind of materials are allowed (plaster, paper, metal, wood, polymers, glass, etc.). The works can be interactive and include mechanical movements, electronic parts, lights, sounds, videos, with no technique and expression limits. Maximum dimension of the proposed works: height 300 cm, width 300 cm, depth 300 cm. On the other hand, there are no size limits for outdoor sculptures. The registration of the opera for the competition will be possible through photos and videos.

3. Photographic art

Photography is allowed in all its technical variants, both digital and analog. The works must not exceed the dimensions of 150cm x 150cm, it is also allowed to submit photographic projects or series that have a maximum of 3 works inside them. The 3 photographs must have the same format (base / height ratio) and must not exceed 150×150 cm overall, including the spacing between the works. The works must be received already equipped with hangers and if provided with a frame, these must fall within the limits set. The projects must be presented in a single pdf, during the application phase. A high resolution scan is required for analog photos, in order to allow an appropriate opinion.

4. Videoart

All the works related to video language, with no restriction in technical choices, are allowed: animation (stop motion, 3D, 2D, etc.), documentaries, short films, experiments related to dance and/or theatre, music videos, etc. with a maximum duration of 30 minutes. For the final exhibition, just original works realized from 2015 will be accepted, reporting the Youtube / Vimeo / Dropbox / Google Drive link, without password. It is not possible to join the competition with works which belong to or on behalf of third parties, but the artistic quote is allowed, if it does not result in plagiarism.

5. Graphic Design and Illustration

Works on any medium and with any technique are allowed. The works must not exceed 80×80 cm and if provided with a frame, this must be within the limits set. It is also allowed to subscribe projects that have a maximum of 3 works within them (eg: comic strip tables, graphic novels, advertising campaigns etc.). The 3 illustrations / tables must have the same format (base / height ratio) and must not exceed 80×80 cm overall, including the spacing between the works. The projects must be presented in a single pdf, during the application phase. In order to receive an adequate judgment, high resolution files are required.

6.Performance art

Performances of a maximum duration of 15 minutes are allowed, made by groups of artists or individuals, with any form of expression and using audiovisual, scenographic and objects that must be provided by the artists in the event of selection. The finalist performances will perform on the opening night of the Artkeys Prize. The works can be presented in video format or multimedia project in pdf by following the instructions on the registration form. It is not possible to nominate works by / for third parties, but artistic quotation is allowed, if this does not result in plagiarism.

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