Slide PAINTING WINNER '19 SERENA GAMBA Lettura de l’Annunciazione - Domenico Veneziano The creative research of this artist is firmly positioned in the context of ‘conceptual’ practice. In this perspective, Serena Gamba’s research, by reducing the visual stimulation to an extreme tapering of visual stimulations in an exemplary reductive way. graphite - paper

Slide PAINTING ART RESIDENCE WINNER '19 JACOPO DIMASTROGIOVANNI Iniuria With a strong conception of art that constitutes a reference that is not simply a linguistic one, he defines his research in the bed of an objectivising sensitivity, which, however, does not intend to bind to the surface of things, rather calling to the fore the deep conditions of a human primordiality that not only survives, but that appears particularly fertile and vital, within a perspective of the world that goes beyond appearance. acrylic and paper - canvas and frames

Slide SCULPTURE AND INSTALLATION WINNER '19 MICHI GRASS Pentavox The creative research of this artist clearly suggests how the overcoming of typical languages ​​can allow an expansion of fruitful opportunities, multiplying the suggestions and possibilities of an approach to art in a completely unconventional way, creating a highly stimulating laboratory in the spectator. mixed media, wood, steel

Slide SCULPTURE AND INSTALLATION ART RESIDENCE WINNER '19 KARIN YAMAMOTO Entropy What appears decidedly convincing in the artist’s research is the spatial sensitivity that he can obtain through the arrangement of different materials that debate independently with each other, generating a balance, or rather, an equity given by the ephemerality of the material. Fruitful freedom meets the artist’s creative action, producing something more intense than a simple exchange and, rather, the prospect of considerations of space and time looms on the horizon, evoking questions that intend to investigate the quality and quantity of things. mixed media

Slide SCULPTURE AND INSTALLATION ART RESIDENCE WINNER '19 LUCA PONCETTA Terrore By collecting the psychological and moral contents that qualify and define society within a spatial perimeter, the artist manages to provide his research with an opportunity to look at the world of speculation, not using the verbal tool, but the simple juxtaposition of parts of everyday life, in their form of objects.
The pointing of a border, the creation of a space that closes the development of an action within it, does not constrain and limit the opportunities for expanding the event, but rather expands its opportunities, suggesting suggestive ideas. on the basic conditions of one’s existential consistency, where, the definition of “conceptual” could appear even reductive.
mixed media

Slide PHOTOGRAPHY WINNER '19 ORIANA MAJOLI De Profundis For the ability to organize and create with great skill, a photographic project in which the language and technique, very refined, contribute with equal expressive force to an intimate and at the same time universal story focused on the relationship of the artists with their own unconscious and own identity understood as symbolic objects, bolted and sewn, which return dreamlike zoomorphic / human representations. digital photography, Hahnemuhle paper PhotoRag

Slide PHOTOGRAPHY WINNER '19 RAMONA ZORDINI Iniuria For the refinement of the language that has been able, in a large format image, to narrate and put suggestions that tell us, through the archetypal representation of the human figure immersed in water, the genesis as a dream with very topical themes and feelings and that they strongly oppose Borges’ “Sand Adam” (Fictions). digital photography, baryte print on aluminium

Slide PHOTOGRAPHY ART RESIDENCE WINNER '19 ELIDE CATALDO Olga e l'alluvione For the formal elegance and content of the story of an important news event where, with uncommon sensitivity, the beauty of the signifier and the meaning matched. digital photography on fine art paper

Slide ILLUSTRATION WINNER '19 Enikő Kramcsák Heavenly Peacock Garden Through the skillful mix and mastery of traditional and digital techniques and thanks to the perfect compositional use of collage, the illustrator Enikő presents a work with a strong chromatic impact, whose elements create a pattern with an elegant and versatile design. graphite - paper

Slide ILLUSTRATION ART RESIDENCE WINNER '19 HELENA GAMOS Serie de pájaros pintos The synthesis is the fundamental element of the “Serie de pájaros pintos”. The search for beauty and the essentials through the observation of birds and the decomposition of their anatomy with the use of curves, recreates new shapes that evoke the profiles of plants. A vision that goes beyond the perspective of reality and that induces the observer to intuit the shape of the birds at first but above all to reconstruct, with the lines, new images completely disconnected from the original subjects. ink on paper

Slide VIDEOART WINNER '19 ERMINIA RICCIO Un ritratto dell’informazione With a wise use of sound design and an original use of 3D, he proposes an excerpt from the film by Von Trier in a new form, immersing the viewer in a space-time vortex. The artist subverts the canonical rules of cinematographic language by creating a unique work of its kind, conveying the tension and the sense of confusion typical of our present, continually bombarded by the media. 5' 24'' - 2019 - mp4 E

Slide VIDEOART RESIDENCE WINNER '19 IANUA Background With excellent attention to photography and sound editing, the Ianua collective gives life to old design objects. The result is rubble that dialogue with each other, expressing the restlessness and malaise of a society that remembers with nostalgia a past full of optimism. 4’10” - 2019 - single channel video HD - 16:9 I

Slide STREET ART WINNER '19 LA180 Looking at stars By showing strong sensitivity to the space in which he intervened, Street Artist Mauro Carrafiello managed to activate an interaction that does not follow existing iconographies, instead adds new ones, easily readable symbols to communicate the sense of desire and tension towards the infinite , towards what we do not know to understand its meaning. Shapes and colors, however, not only tell what the subject expresses, but also all the author’s artistic background. It communicates on several levels: with the unaware passer-by of the presence of the work and at the same time it manages to fascinate those who find cultural references to the roots of writing and street art. acrylic spray

Slide STREET ART RESIDENCE WINNER '19 EDOARDO ONGARATO Residuo In the work of Edoardo Ongarato there is all the sacredness of Nature that takes possession of artificial places, almost an unequal struggle where cement succumbs to the grip of time and the strength of the Mother of all things. At the same time, the conscious approach is evident with the materials, with the wall and the floor, marked lines that cross and reformulate the environment in contrast with the paper, the glued prints, in a play of meanings that run between static and mobile, long-lasting and ephemeral.
paper, acrylic and spray

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